Top 5 Takeaways from RSAC 2022

It’s been just over a month since cybersecurity conferences returned in a big way with the comeback of RSA Conference after last year’s hiatus. A lot happened between 2020 and 2022 in the world, our lives, and cybersecurity, including the birth of a little no-code security automation start-up named Torq

RSAC 2022 was a great place to catch up on these changes and look forward to emerging trends and security needs. A lot of amazing takeaways came out of the four full days of conferences, demos, discussions, and events, which we narrowed down to our top five.


Torq’s Top 5 Takeaways from RSAC 2022


1. You can’t replace face-to-face connection

There was a lot of excitement in getting the chance to connect face-to-face again. To be able to talk in person, see live demos, ask questions, and let loose at the after-hours events, including the #FOMO party. This was a much-needed event after spending the last few years having our fears of missing out on events and connecting with others become a reality. 

This #FOMO was all about forward motion, though. Cybersecurity moves forward. The world moves forward. To celebrate that forward movement, we hosted with our partners Armis, and SentinelOne an in-person experience with good drinks, great people, tons of fun, and a performance from special guest, Incubus.

See the Torq team in action, from every angle, with the 360-degree camera:

View the #FOMO party event photo gallery.


2. Solution providers are part of the solution 

Security teams rely on dozens of tools to detect risks, respond to threats, and improve defensive posture.  Ensuring these systems connect and share data is more important than ever.  We were lucky enough to have eight of our hundred (and counting) technology partners give live presentations at the Torq booth at RSA – showing how we work together to ensure that our customers get the most out of their cybersecurity investments.  

  • Sentinel One showcasing how they pair Torq with their product to build an automated SOC solution
  • Britive demonstrating how it integrates with Torq to automate workflows across cloud infrastructure to support and empower teams
  • Armis exploring how their partnership with Torq and Enterprise Workflow Automation (EWA) work together to bring no-code to more infrastructures
  • Adaptive Shield showing a way to automate SaaS Security Posture Management with Torq’s no-code platform
  • Wiz giving a new approach to cloud security utilizing Torq and an automated approach and all the best tools Wiz has to offer
  • Legit Security illustrating the ease of partnering with Torq to automate security throughout the software supply chain
  • Orca Secuirty showing how to team with Torq to give real-time visibility and automated response to any risk, anywhere
  • Domain Tools exploring how to templatize and automate tasks and reduce toil with Torq’s no-code automation platform

A special thanks to our partners for giving their time and sharing their expertise with informative demos at our booth. If you didn’t get a chance to catch a partner demo or want to learn more about the amazing companies we partner with, check out our partners page.


3. Cybersecurity is more complex than ever

During the COVID era – we’ve seen the world shift to all-digital, all the time – in every aspect of our lives. Cybersecurity has never been more important, and we heard at RSAC the same thing we have heard daily from our customers and prospects, that their job has never been more challenging. More complexity, more threats, and more change – and crippling understaffing.

“By Q4 of 2021, the number of reported data breaches had already surpassed 2020 totals, which were historic in their own right. Collectively, 281.5 million people have been impacted by a data breach in 2021, while cybercrime costs companies $1.79 million per minute, demonstrating the across-the-board impact of today’s cybersecurity landscape,” Forbes sites in their Cybersecurity Trends For 2022: Why Staying Ahead Of The Threat Has Never Been So Critical article.


4. Automation is an essential part of modern cybersecurity

With increased, repeating tasks and the need for live-time responses paired with the continuing difficulty of fully staffing Security Operation teams, being able to automate the redundant tasks that are monopolizing your team’s limited time and resources is a huge advantage. Making this available to your entire team, regardless of coding experience, is key to addressing the increased need for fast, accessible security.

That’s why we spent this time building Torq – not just to meet these challenges – but to transform the way cybersecurity works. Making it easier, faster, and more accessible – so cybersecurity teams can rise above complexity, stay ahead of change, and stop threats before they start. We’re giving cybersecurity teams the shortest path to the safest world.


5. We’re doing something right

The industry is recognizing the need for a no-code automation platform. Paul Shomo, Cyber Security Analyst, described Torq as “using a no-code approach that’s seen recent success in automating cloud operations. It allows security professionals to visually build automation without the help of programmers, reducing costs. In addition to automating incident response, Torq can seamlessly coordinate with IT on the growing backlog of account provisioning caused by identity attacks,” in the Dark Reading online article RSAC Startup Competition Focuses on Post-Cloud IT Infrastructure.

We were honored to be recognized with industry awards presented during the show:

We can’t help but toot our own Torq horn just a bit. Our team has worked very hard these last two years, bringing a solution to cyber security that addresses the three areas that make up a successful SOC operation, “people (staff) plus capabilities (process) plus technology,” according to the SANS 2022 SOC Survey. 


A Tree Grows at Torq

We pledged to plant a tree for every booth visitor. Thanks to everyone who visited our booth, we have donated $2,500 to Friends of Trees. Our team is excited to join them this fall at a tree-planting event. We are passionate about growing and improving cybersecurity for the digital world and growing and improving our communities and our offline world.

Help Torq continue giving back by visiting us at booth #3122 at Black Hat USA, August 10-11, in Las Vegas. For every booth scan we receive, we will be donating to environmental and carbon neutrality causes.


See you at RSAC 2023 ….but you don’t have to wait a year. Join us at one of our upcoming events and webinars, or signup for a personalized virtual demo.

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