Torq Product Updates for June 2022: Transformation is the Key

Transformation is the Key

Right now, much of the security world is focused on the RSA conference in San Francisco, California. The Torq team has been preparing for the event for months—and we’re thrilled that we finally get a chance to talk about Torq in person with other security professionals. This year’s conference theme is ‘transform,’ part of which is inspired by the idea that security professionals have stepped into the corporate spotlight and transformed into “business enablers entrusted to make game-changing decisions.” Unsurprisingly, most of us at Torq agree strongly with that characterization.

And the transformation theme happens to be very well-timed for us. At this year’s conference, we’re sharing a number of exciting transformations to both our platform and our brand. New visual updates for the platform and our website build on our new logo and embrace our new brand. And new updates to the workflow designer continue to transform the way security teams create and use automations—with a one-click ‘convert to workflow’ option, designer annotations, collapse/expand functionality, and new ways to manage large datasets and binary files. 

Convert Steps to Workflow 

GA Date: Late June

Users can now select multiple steps or sections and consolidate them into one nested workflow. The single nested workflow can then be reused across a workspace, much in the same way an Action Step might be used, or edited separately like any other workflow. The creation process also automatically updates any dependencies or references to the original set of steps. 

Automated workflows can save time and simplify processes, but building the complex logic that drives them can be rather complicated. This powerful function provide a whole new layer of abstraction to the Torq platform, allowing non-technical users to easily design complex, aggregate workflows without having to build the logic or manage configurations. 

Converting steps to workflow in Torq

Collapse and Expand Sections

GA Date: Late June

You can also now collapse and expand sections of a workflow within the designer. This is a convenient option when designing long or complex workflows that include multiple ‘if’ statements or loops, and you want to remove visual clutter or make it more readable for other people.

Pass large datasets or binary files between steps

GA Date: Available now

Within workflows, users now have the ability to pass HTTP responses as a file between steps. This gives users an incredibly lightweight way to use binary outputs like image, PDF, executable files, or large text outputs like XML files or JSON outputs in subsequent steps.


GA Date: Late June

Users can now leave annotations and documentation alongside workflows. The new annotations feature includes a rich text editor, so users can create quick descriptions with text formatting and inline links—even images and gifs. 

Annotations in the workflow designer

Like other workflow elements, annotations can be moved using the drag-and-drop system. You can also edit existing notes or and delete ones that are no longer needed.

Enhanced Template Filters

As our template library continues a rapid expansion, users need a better way to find relevant workflows. This recent update includes a more powerful filter feature.

Filtering for the template library

Users can drill into the library based on their intended use case, or by categories like Easy Starters, which lays out optimal paths for building an automation program from scratch. 

New Design System

GA Date: Available now

Along with our updated branding—our new logo and website, among others—the Torq platform got a visual refresh to match. The updated design is clear and modern, offering a more refined feel that also retains a playful sense of style. Users may notice the larger text in some places, or even the original drawings used for certain screens. This is just another subtle way for us to make security easier and more accessible for the entire organization. 

Start Your Own Transformation

If you’ll be at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, we would love to talk with you! Stop by our booth in the expo to get a demo of the platform and meet the team. 

For those who are unable to make it to the show, there are still plenty of opportunities to get a closer look at the Torq platform. Check out our upcoming events or sign up for a free trial to get hands on with no-code security automation. 

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