Engineered to Solve Existential SOC Challenges

Alert Volume

83% of SOC analysts struggle with alert volume

Alert Fatigue

30% of alerts are never addressed today

Talent Shortage

4m shortage of global security staff

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Achieving Machine Speed
Detection and Response

Automate, Manage, and Monitor
Critical SOC Responses.

“Torq HyperSOC is the first solution we’ve seen that effectively enables SOC professionals to mitigate issues including alert fatigue, false positives, staff burnout, and attrition. We are also impressed by how its AI augmentation capabilities empower these staff members to be much more proactive about fortifying the security perimeter.”

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Chris Kissel, Vice President, Security & Trust Products, IDC Research

Built on the Torq Hyperautomation Platform

Harness the power of the AI-first Torq HyperSOC™

Eliminate Alert Fatigue

Analyze, correlate, and organize unprocessed events from any security solution or third-party threat intelligence.

Create contextually-enriched cases and intelligently order them according to severity, priority, and subject matter expertise.

Cut through noise by drilling down to only the events that matter most, ensuring focus on the highest-risk events, enhancing SOC efficiency.

Hyperautomate Case Management

Embed automation across the entire Case Management lifecycle combining AI-driven insights and Hyperautomation.

Dynamically calibrate security responses across multiple security solutions as the incident unfolds.

Autoremediate 95% of Tier-1 cases by leveraging AI to execute SOC defined automation runbooks at machine speed.

Augment Analysts with AI

Empower human-in-the-loop decision making for critical cases by enabling AI to escalate sensitive automation actions to SOC analysts for confirmation.

Supplement alerts that require human intervention using natural language to request case investigations and enrichment via AI Analyst.

Uplevel SOC analyst expertise using LLM capabilities to unlock the full functionality of the security stack, enabling more efficient, effective and strategic processes.

“Torq HyperSOC helps ensure Check Point internal security analysts’ time is used in the most productive and effective manner possible. We are impressed with how Torq HyperSOC harnesses AI to alleviate those burdens by automating investigation and remediation.”

Jonathan Fischbein, Global CISO, Check Point

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