Engineered to Solve Existential Security Challenges

Too Many Tools

70+ security applications per organization

Talent Shortage

4m shortage of global security staff

Multi-Cloud Complexity

76% of organizations are multi-cloud

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Enterprise-Grade Security Hyperautomation

Automate More, Faster.

Integrate. Anything. Instantly.

Unlimited integration across your entire ecosystem, including cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments.

Create integrations in record time by partnering with Torq’s experienced customer success team.

Stay connected even if your third-party API or data format changes with real-time API monitoring and updates for uninterrupted automation.

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Build and Deploy Security Automations in Minutes

Build automations using AI-prompts, no-code, low-code and full code support.

Easy drag-and-drop workflow designer.

Leverage expert-curated templates for the most common security use cases.

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Enterprise-Grade Security Architecture

Secure and extensible cloud-native, multi-tenant, zero-trust architecture.

Eliminate scaling and performance ceilings with horizontal elastic scaling and guaranteed SLAs.

Stay compliant with immutable activity, audit logs, granular scope, and RBAC.

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Torq HyperSOC™

Precision Detection.
Machine Speed Response.

"Today, approximately 80% of our security alerts are assisted and accelerated by Torq workflows. To analyze and enrich, and also autonomously respond to alerts, is a paradigm shift that will bring unprecedented efficiencies to security teams. ″
Joshua Blackwater
Deputy CISO, SentinelOne
"We now query 2,000+ assets in under 7 minutes with Torq, which previously took over an hour to run, one at a time. This reflects an 800% improvement in execution time.”
Taylor Harwerth
Cloud Security Architect, Abnormal Security
"Torq saves hundreds of hours a month on analysis. Alert fatigue is a thing of the past.″
Phillip Tarrant
SOC Technical Manager, CompuQuip
"Torq has transformed efficiency for all five of my security teams and enabled them to focus on much more high-value strategic work.″
Yossi Yeshua
CISO, Riskified

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