"We now query 2,000+ assets in under 7 minutes with Torq, which previously took over an hour to run, one at a time. This reflects an 800% improvement in execution time."
Taylor Harwerth
Cloud Security Architect, Abnormal Security
“Torq’s pre-built workflows enable us to easily deploy cybersecurity defenses at scale throughout our organization, mapping to countless different use cases, and protecting us across multiple conceivable incursion points.”
Yaron Slutzky
Chief Security Officer of Agoda
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“Torq has transformed how our team manages security. Using Torq reduced time-to-block malicious traffic by 70x, and increased coverage to over 90% — a significant improvement.”
Jonathan Jaffe
CISO, Lemonade
"The only limit Torq has is people’s imaginations. If I take Torq out, I lose three people.″
Gai Hanochi
VP Business Technologies, Fiverr