Identity Access and Management

Torq IAM reinvents third-party usage monitoring, compromised credentials rotation, and employee on-and-offboarding

Just-in-Time Access (JIT)

Automate user self-service access to applications, systems, and data on an as-needed basis.

Rapid Onboarding and Offboarding

Automate account actions for account creation, updates, and deactivation across your environment.

Instant Auto-Response to Suspicious User Activity

Prompts users to validate risky and suspicious activity via instant messaging, email, or SMS and automatically disables suspicious user accounts.

Self-Serve Employee Chatbot

Integrates chatbots with instant messaging platforms to provide timely service of common helpdesk requests across MS Teams, Slack, Discord, Zoom, and more.

Compromised Credential Response

Auto-revokes session tokens, suspend compromised account access, and change passwords once any potential security issues have been resolved.

Audit and Disable Inactive Accounts

Identifies stale accounts, and automatically disable them.

Threat Hunting

Torq threat intelligence detection, enhancement, and enrichment automatically and proactively searches for dangerous activity

Enrich Alerts Across Multiple Threat Intel Sources

Provides details and context to reduce false positives, coordinate internal and external tools response, and integrate with case management systems.

Align Processes and Procedures

Adaptable no-code, low-code, and full-code workflow UI to create automations to accelerate threat-hunting workflows and filter through the noise.

Automate EDR, XDR, and SIEM

Launch distributed search efforts to reach conclusions when a new exploit technique is discovered.

Trigger Search Processes with Workflows Across Disparate Infrastructure

Works with EDR/MDM, SIEM/logs, and email/storage to identify further events and evidence.

Team-Based Threat Hunting

Supports SIEM, EDR, XDR, and other collaborative sources to serve as playbooks for automating investigations at record speed.

Immediately Respond to Threats with Minimal Manual Dependencies

Reduces the potential impact on the organization while freeing up IT analysts' time.

Cloud Security Posture Management

Torq CSPM prevents unauthorized cloud access via misconfiguration identification and remediation with multi-cloud governance

Continuously Monitor and Assess Compliance Policies Across Multi-Cloud Environments

Determines misconfigurations and policy drift from one centralized console.

Trigger Automated Remediation Workflows Based On Cloud Security Posture Findings

Integrates learnings from leading SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS solutions like AWS, MS Azure, and Google Cloud platform.

Remediate by Automatically Applying Policies to Resources

Rolls back changes to stable state, and performs platform-specific operations across Kubernetes clusters, databases, and more.

Enrich Findings Automatically With Aggregated Data From Multiple Disparate Systems

Combines findings from asset management, ticket management, CI/CD, and external threat intel sources.

Trigger Interactive Workflows for Cross-Team Collaboration

Hyperautomates event investigation, and remediation based on cloud security posture findings.

Unified Visibility Across Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments

Enables DevSecOps to prevent security blindspots and acts as a single source of truth for cloud resources.

Email Security

Automate against adversaries, unifying all available security controls to provide maximum protection against the #1 attack vector.

Enhance Detection Accuracy and Response

Correlate data across multiple SEG solutions and autonomously orchestrate remediation actions like removing previously delivered malicious emails or adjusting email security controls.

Correlate Endpoint Data for a Holistic View of Phishing impact

Understand the complete attack scope and impact. Trigger automatic malware scans and coordinate with EDR solutions for threat removal and system restoration.

Attachment and URL Analysis

Scan email attachments and URLs with multiple sandboxing technologies for malware or suspicious content, including sandboxing attachments, scanning URLs for known bad domains, and taking appropriate actions based on the analysis.

Compromised Account Response

Analyze cloud-based behaviors associated with phishing attacks, disable compromised credentials automatically, and expedite the reset process for compromised credentials alerting the users.

Enhance Email Detection Efficacy and Context

Utilize external threat intelligence feeds to enhance email security and integrate multiple feeds to proactively identify and block known malicious domains, email addresses, and IP addresses in emails.

Email Compliance Management

Automate the enforcement of regulatory compliance in email usage by ensuring adherence to policies such as email archiving, encryption, and access control.


Torq self-service chatbots provide a streamlined user experience, never wait again for answers with 24×7 support at your fingertips.

Report Suspicious Emails With Ease

Integrate chatbots into your organization’s communication tools like Slack, MS Teams, Discord, and more to increase reporting adoption dramatically.

Free Up SOC Analysts and Respond to User Requests in Record Time

Chatbots execute automated actions such as resetting passwords, revoking access, or initiating scans for malware, with optional human-in-the-loop authorization.

Security Alerts and Notifications

Notify users about potential security threats, like suspicious login attempts, suspicious cloud activity, or detected malware, and provide guidance on how to respond.

Security Management

Guide users through securing their devices, like enabling encryption, installing security software, and conforming to the organization’s security policies.

Multi-Factor Authentication Management

Assist users in setting up or troubleshooting multi-factor authentication for added security across their devices.

Security Training and Awareness

Deliver security training modules or tips directly to users’ communication tools, helping keep security awareness at the forefront and boost compliance.

Incident Response

Torq transforms your incident response by minimizing risks and maximizing efficiency to remediate threats around the clock automatically.

Intelligent Alert Triage and Prioritization

Categorize and prioritize alerts based on severity, type of threat, and potential impact using generative AI, ensuring that the most critical issues are addressed first.

Containment Procedures

Automatically execute actions to contain a threat, such as isolating affected systems, blocking malicious IP addresses, or reconfiguring network access controls.

Threat Remediation

Implement remediation steps to eliminate threats, such as applying patches, updating firewall rules, re-configuring cloud applications, or removing malware.

Incident Notification Procedures

Automatically notify relevant stakeholders, including SOC analysts, IT staff, management, and potentially affected users, about a security incident.

Threat Intelligence Updates

Dynamically update threat intelligence feeds and apply new indicators of compromise (IoCS) to security tools based on updated information from incidents and investigations.

Evidence Preservation

Automatically collect and preserve digital evidence for further investigation and potential legal proceedings. A full audit log of all automated actions performed is logged within the case management solution.

Torq Hyperautomates Everything Else, Too

Email phishing and abuse response

Continuous vulnerability management

Threat hunting for EDR, XDR, SIEM

Cloud security posture remediation

Suspicious user activity response

Security bots and flows

Threat intelligence enrichment

Secure access to sensitive data

Identity Access Management

Application security operations

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