No-Code Security Operations

No matter what your use case, Torq helps you reduce manual repetitive work, improve talent satisfaction, react faster, and build more effective procedures with our unique no-code workflow automation.

Torq Use Cases

The Torq Difference

Secure Can Be Easy

Security practitioners of all technical skill levels can build automated workflows for any security use case in minutes with Torq.

That means no professional services, no custom scripting, and no memorizing REST APIs — just an intuitive workflow designer and templates for common steps.

Workflow Continually Updated Threat Intelligence

Use Case

Continually Updated Threat Intelligence

  • Enrich information on IP, domain, email, file, process
  • Pull data from multiple intelligence sources, then combine and/or digest for faster decision making
  • Run workflows on a schedule, manually from web and chat apps, or trigger automatically
  • Deliver the collected information to the system of your choice (eg. ticketing, messaging, alerting)
Workflow Threat Hunting for EDR, XDR and SIEM

Use Case

Threat Hunting for EDR, XDR and SIEM

  • Don’t waste valuable time, kick-off threat hunting workflows as soon as suspicions arise
  • Automate queries on EDR, XDR, and SIEM tools to kick-off distributed search efforts and reach conclusions
  • Share threat hunting templates with your team members to ensure the most efficient workflows
  • Trigger remediation workflows upon discovery
Workflow Security Bots and Flows

Use Case

Security Bots and Flows

  • Enable users to trigger security workflows by themselves from Slack or other messaging apps
  • Delegate approvals, registrations, credentials management while staying in control
  • Improve the end-user experience while improving the organizational security posture
Workflow Suspicious User Activity

Use Case

Suspicious User Activity Response

  • Validate with the user whether they performed the activity
  • Check if the activity was performed from a known malicious or suspicious source
  • Suspend accounts and manage block lists
  • Orchestrate incident records audit
Workflow Email Phishing and Abuse Response

Use Case

Email Phishing and Abuse Response

  • Retrieve attachments and links, then scan, detonate, and deliver results
  • Automatically quarantine email threads and endpoints, then trigger threat hunting and remediation workflows
  • Automate user communications
  • Prevent wide impact by managing IOCs and block lists
Workflow Identity Lifecycle Management

Use Case

Identity Lifecycle Management

  • Verify the validity of sensitive operations with the actor or approvers group
  • Require ‘4-eyes’ review and approval
  • Revoke privileges automatically if not approved
  • Orchestrate and synchronize privileges across a number of systems
Workflow Remediate Cloud Security Posture Findings

Use Case

Remediate Cloud Security Posture Findings

  • Orchestrate resolution workflow with engineering or CloudOps owners
  • Remediate critical findings
  • Enrich findings with context data
Workflow Application Security Operations

Use Case

Application Security Operations

  • Trigger automated security workflows as a part of CI/CD pipelines
  • Validate and enforce requirements and periodic checks upon creation of new repositories, components, and cloud environments
  • Orchestrate follow-up to application security findings, assign and escalate issues, and validate fixes
  • Automate updates to infrastructure-as-code and configuration settings
Workflow Remediate Security Alerts

Use Case

Remediate Security Alerts for Web Security, DLP, and more

  • Automatically manage block and allow lists
  • Suspend or unsuspend users, and manage user privileges
  • Scan, isolate, and remediate endpoints
  • Orchestrate cloud native components
  • Ensure follow-up on critical issues
Workflow Secure and Controlled Access to Sensitive Data

Use Case

Secure and Controlled Access to Sensitive Data

  • Replace direct access to sensitive data with dedicated “data retrieval” workflows triggered on-demand, delivering just the required data
  • Get a full audit trail of data access by making automated workflows your users’ data gateway
  • Obfuscate and hide data prior to delivering it to accessing parties
  • Introduce obligatory data access approval cycle via automated workflows

Start Automating in Minutes

With Torq, any security professional of any skill level can easily connect multiple tools into an automated workflow that can be run as needed — triggered from an alert, or according to a schedule. Get started automating today! Zero coding or API knowledge required.