of Tier-1 cases automatically investigated and enriched


faster onboarding of customers and provisioning of new environments


faster creation and deployment of complex workflows compared to legacy SOAR

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The most innovative MSSPs and MDRs are replacing their Legacy SOAR with the Torq Hyperautomation™ platform.

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Increase Your Margins, Not Your Headcount.

Multitenant, cloud-native security hyperautomation built for MSSPs and MDRs

Increase Operational Efficiency

Harness the power of AI to improve SLAs and operational efficiency.

Onboard New Customers in Minutes

Securely share workflows across environments to reduce costs and time of onboarding.

Integrate Every Security Tool

Seamlessly integrate with every tool in your customers’ existing security stack.

Eliminate Ticket Fatigue

Prevent SOC analyst burn out from remedial, rote tasks.

Hyperautomate Case Management

Proactively identify threats, prioritize investigations, and elevate cases to the appropriate analyst.

Augment Analysts with AI

Leverage AI and natural language capabilities to unlock the full functionality of any security solution.


Torq HyperSOC™

Precision Detection.
Machine Speed Response.


Legacy SOAR is Killing Managed Services

How to boost speed and efficiency, increase margin, and scale your Managed Services offerings.

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“With Torq Hyperautomation, we are significantly increasing productivity and efficiency, ensuring that our customers gain better evidence, analysis, and control over their cybersecurity, while staying protected from external threats and operational risks.”

Charlie Thomas, CEO, Deepwatch

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