“This partnership marks the beginning of an entirely new approach to data protection and insider risk management and reflects our commitment to safeguard our IP and our end customer data.”

Tim Vulanich

Senior Staff Cybersecurity Engineer, Rivian

The only limit Torq has is people’s imaginations. If I take Torq out, I lose three people.″

Gai Hanochi

VP Business Technologies

Today, approximately 80% of our security alerts are assisted and accelerated by Torq workflows. To analyze and enrich, and also autonomously respond to alerts, is a paradigm shift that will bring unprecedented efficiencies to security teams. ″

Joshua Blackwelder

Deputy CISO

A lot of SOAR is really more tightly tied into maybe your endpoint detection or maybe your SIEM. Whereas [with] Torq, the sky’s the limit as far as what I want to automate and how I want to really make more efficiency and productivity in other tasks that my team does.

Mike Britton

Chief Information Security Officer for Abnormal Security

Torq saves hundreds of hours a month on analysis. Alert fatigue is a thing of the past.″

Phillip Tarrant

SOC Technical Manager

Torq has transformed efficiency for all five of my security teams and enabled them to focus on much more high-value strategic work.″

Yossi Yeshua


Torq reduced time-to-block malicious traffic by 70x, and increased coverage to over 90% — a significant improvement.″

Jonathan Jaffe


Torq maps to countless different use cases, and protects us across multiple conceivable incursion points.″

Yaron Slutzky

Chief Security Officer

We now query 2,000+ assets in under 7 minutes with Torq, which previously took over an hour to run, one at a time. An 800% improvement.″

Taylor Harwerth

Cloud Security Architect

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