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The first SecOps AI agent for autonomous contextual alert triage, incident investigation, and response

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“While a lot of products are merely AI hype, Torq Socrates has the elements for reshaping SecOps by driving incredible productivity and efficiency from existing staff, while future-proofing the organization against the evolving threat landscape without additional resources.”

Gai Hanochi

VP Business Technologies, Fiverr

“Today, approximately 80% of our security alerts are assisted and accelerated by Torq workflows. To analyze and enrich, and also autonomously respond to alerts, is a paradigm shift that will bring unprecedented efficiencies to security teams.”

Joshua Blackwelder

Deputy CISO, SentinelOne

“Security leaders agree teams are often pushed to breaking points and exhaustion as they manually deal with the increasing volume and sophistication of cyber threats. Torq Socrates nicely addresses these challenges. It’s the AI solution SOC teams have been waiting for.”

Jony Fischbein

CISO, Check Point Software

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