Deepwatch Standardizes on Torq Hyperautomation Platform Across Its Global Security Infrastructure

Deepwatch harnesses enterprise-grade Torq Hyperautomation platform to increase flexibility, enhance visibility across the attack surface, and respond to emerging threats

New York, NY, November 28, 2023—Torq, the security hyperautomation pioneer, today announced that Deepwatch, the leading managed security platform for the cyber resilient enterprise, has standardized on the Torq Security Hyperautomation platform across its global security infrastructure to further enhance the Deepwatch Platform and its Managed Detection and Response (MDR) capabilities. Deepwatch will leverage Torq Hyperautomation to further enhance threat response precision. Torq Hyperautomation enables Deepwatch’s security professionals to rapidly create and deploy complex workflows more than 10X faster than legacy SOAR. 

Torq Hyperautomation plays a pivotal role in enhancing Deepwatch’s Cyber Resilience strategy, by enabling faster analysis, triage, validation, and flexible responses to cyber threats. When events or issues are identified by the Deepwatch Managed Security Platform, assigned Deepwatch experts rapidly investigate and prioritize them utilizing Torq’s Case Management. This system provides real-time verification and triage based on customer context, best practices, and Deepwatch Dynamic Risk scoring to determine the appropriate customer response. Deepwatch also benefits from Torq’s AI capabilities for auto-analyzing cybersecurity incidents, making strategic responses, and informing immediate and long-term defensive measures. In addition, Torq Hyperautomation enables Deepwatch to increase the speed with which it onboards new customers.

According to IDC’s “How Hyperautomation Is Used to Reduce Gaps and Inefficiencies in Network Cybersecurity” report, “The Torq hyperautomation approach is more comprehensive than what is offered in contemporary cybersecurity tooling. Cybersecurity should provide preventative measures as well as strong detection capabilities. Torq is building a product philosophy that considers the practical construction of what a contemporary business looks like, and how workflow and detections should arise from this.”

“The Deepwatch Managed Security Platform backed by our security experts ensures rapid detection and response, which is an important aspect of cyber resilience for our customers,” said Charlie Thomas, CEO, Deepwatch. “With Torq Hyperautomation, we are significantly increasing productivity and efficiency, ensuring that our customers gain better evidence, analysis, and control over their cybersecurity, while staying protected from external threats and operational risks.”

With the integration of Torq Hyperautomation, Deepwatch customers will benefit in the following ways:

  • Increased Productivity: Experience greater efficiency of incident and alert response through end-to-end hyperautomated processes
  • Instant Response: Deepwatch and Torq empower organizations to neutralize threats in real-time by combining the precision of Torq Hyperautomation with the Deepwatch Platform and Experts 
  • Elevated Customer Experience: Automated processes mean more time and attention given directly to customers
  • Faster Time-to-Value: Deepwatch delivers quicker time-to-value for new features and automations through Torq’s low code/no code/full code approach
  • Consistent Innovation: Torq Hyperautomation enables faster innovation, keeping customers up-to-date and in front of possible attacks

“We are excited that Deepwatch chose Torq Hyperautomation to empower its global security infrastructure,” said Ofer Smadari, CEO and Co-Founder, Torq. “Our partnership further validates Torq’s position in the market and sends a strong signal to the MDR industry that security hyperautomation is the new standard for innovative high-growth businesses. By connecting the entire security infrastructure stack, Torq makes autonomous security operations at scale possible for Deepwatch.”

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Torq is transforming cybersecurity with its pioneering enterprise-grade, AI-driven hyperautomation platform. By connecting the entire security infrastructure stack, Torq makes autonomous security operations a reality. It empowers organizations to instantly and precisely remediate security events, and orchestrate complex security processes at scale. Fortune 500 enterprises, including the world’s biggest financial, technology, consumer packaged goods, fashion, hospitality, and sports apparel companies are experiencing extraordinary outcomes with Torq.

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