Proactive Security with No-Code Automation

Torq provides enterprise-scale automation and orchestration with a simple no-code platform.

Proactive Security with No-Code Automation
Torq Drag and Drop Workflows

Create powerful workflows in minutes

  • Drag and Drop Editor
    Create complex workflows across all your tools using a visual design canvas. 
  • Smart Steps
    Manipulate other systems, transform data, and initiate actions using pre-built steps. 
  • Flexible Triggers
    Run workflows on-demand, trigger from security events, or set on a schedule. 
Torq Workflow Templates

Templates make it easier to deliver stronger security

  • Research Backed
    Curated templates by our internal security teams, based on industry best practices and expert guidance. 
  • Smart Steps
    Users and community members can create and share private workflow libraries, or use the continually updated Torq library.
  • Flexible Triggers
    Torq provides thousands of pre-built steps across hundreds of vendors, with more added every week.
Torq Integrations

Limitless connectivity - no plugins needed

  • Every app, every stack
    Unfettered integrations with virtually all other apps. Vendor agnostic across cloud, on-prem, and hybrid environments for complete support.
  • Controlled and compliant
    Pull workflows from a library of templates, aligned with major industry frameworks and best practices.
  • Flexible integration
    Trigger workflows with alerts from other apps, on a set schedule, or manually. Orchestrate activity using APIs, HTTP requests with Torq endpoints, even IMAP events.

Start Automating in Minutes

With Torq, any security professional of any skill level can easily connect multiple tools into an automated workflow that can be run as needed — triggered from an alert, or according to a schedule. Get started automating today! Zero coding or API knowledge required.