Torq’s Transformative Response

operational and productivity boost
reduction in time-to-block malicious traffic
improvement in workflow execution time

Here’s How We Do It

Radical Extensibility

Connect Every App and Stack

Unlimited integration across your entire ecosystem, including cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments

No-Code or Any Code

Complete support for every CLI, programming, and scripting language so you can automate without custom code

Bring Your Own Container

Use your existing containers for automation deployments across any internal and external platform

Integrate Anything. Automate Everything.

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“It’s amazing to see that Torq is handling 80,000+ runs a week for Compuquip without a single hiccup.”
Phillip Tarrant
SOC Technical Manager, Compuquip

True Enterprise Architecture

Cloud-native, multi-tenant, zero-trust architecture

Secure and extensible by design

Horizontal elastic scaling, and parallelism with guaranteed SLAs

Eliminates any scaling and performance glass ceilings

Immutable activity, audit logs, granular scope, and RBAC

Meets the most stringent compliance requirements

“Torq has transformed how our team manages security. Using Torq reduced time-to-block malicious traffic by 70x, and increased coverage to over 90% — a significant improvement.”
Jonathan Jaffe
CISO, Lemonade

Powerful Simplicity

State-of-the-art visual data transformation

Automatically refactor and migrate code to modern workflow

Instant drag-and-drop workflow development with smart steps

Integrations and automation workflows at your fingertips

No-code, low-code and full-code support

Create powerful automation workflows on your terms

“Torq’s pre-built workflows enable us to easily deploy cybersecurity defenses at scale throughout our organization, mapping to countless different use cases, and protecting us across multiple conceivable incursion points.”
Yaron Slutzky
Chief Security Officer of Agoda

Case Management. Reinvented.

Hyperautomate security signal detection

Reduce noise and manual investigations by up to 70%

Streamline decision making

Flexible framework for informed security decision making

Automatically enrich data

Cut through the noise and auto-enrich cases with relevant information

See Hyperautomation in Action

With Torq, any security professional of any skill level can easily connect multiple tools into an automated workflow that can be run as needed — triggered from an alert, or according to schedule. Get started automating today! Zero coding or API knowledge required.

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