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Hyperautomation Signals End of SOAR Era

The IDC Spotlight Report is the comprehensive hyperautomation overview SecOps professionals have demanded.

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IDC Report Examines How
Hyperautomation Breaks Free of
SOAR Limitations

In the most detailed hyperautomation study to date, leading analyst firm IDC looks at how hyperautomation precisely “predicts security gaps, proactively assesses the network, and ultimately secures it” by delivering “visibility and control of all environments for all processes and role players.”

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A deep dive into the capabilities, and advantages and challenges of hyperautomation

A breakdown of how hyperautomation stacks up against legacy SOAR and other out-dated monitoring (XDR and SIEM) point products

A situation analysis: SOAR versus Hyperautomation

How Torq Hyperautomation empowers enterprises to overcome their most critical security challenges, such as alert fatigue, false positives, decreased visibility, and analyst burnout

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