Identity Lifecycle Management

Update device, network and other access policies automatically every time a user is created, modified or offboarded in your identity provider.

Workflow Identity Lifecycle Management

TLDR: Automating Identity Lifecycle Management

  • Identity lifecycle management is the practice of managing user identity, accounts, permissions and access policies during a user’s employment
  • Automating identity lifecycle management tasks reduces manual work for security, IT and HR teams, and keeps organizations safe from exploits
  • Torq connects to identity providers and downstream tools to orchestrate policy updates across every stage of the identity lifecycle Teams use Torq to speed onboarding and offboarding, ensure compliance regimes are met and keep company resources secure

What is Identity Lifecycle Management?

When employees or contractors join, leave, or transfer within an organization, multiple systems need to be updated to ensure permissions and policies are set appropriately.

From updating network access to granting administrative privilege, to locking accounts during offboarding and more — the practice of keeping user identity consistent at all times is identity lifecycle management.

Benefits of Automating Identity Lifecycle Management

  • Keeps company systems updated with the latest updates from your identity management provider ensures consistent enforcement of policies and permissions
  • Reduces human error to ensure policies remain compliant during user identity updates
  • Removes manual work during onboarding and offboarding reduces the burden on security, IT and HR teams
  • Automated flows can temporarily escalate permissions to allow users to perform sensitive actions, then reset following to keep systems secure

How Torq Automates Identity Lifecycle Management

  • Provision new accounts, set device access policies, send invites to users, and set network permissions during user onboarding
  • Deactivate user accounts, suspend access to company resources, backup files and devices and forward emails when users offboard
  • Orchestrate updates to security policies (e.g., network, device, etc.) based on changes in user groups or teams in your identity provider
  • Create just-in-time approval workflows that leverage Slack or Teams to verify sensitive operations
  • Grant temporary access or escalated privileges to users for sensitive operations, then remove access once the operation is complete
  • Schedule regular audits of all policies and user permissions to verify ongoing compliance

Start Automating in Minutes

With Torq, any security professional of any skill level can easily connect multiple tools into an automated workflow that can be run as needed — triggered from an alert, or according to a schedule. Get started automating today! Zero coding or API knowledge required.