Automation can transform how security teams operate, but knowing where to start can be the most difficult part. This 45-minute webinar, part of our Intro to Torq series, will show you how to begin an automation program from scratch, using Torq.

This 45-minute presentation shows:

  • Planning a security automation strategy and building a roadmap
  • What to automate first to deliver the biggest impact
  • Aligning your automation with standards like MITRE and NIST

For most organizations, there isn’t much debate about whether to incorporate automation across the business. From DevOps to self-serve IT help desks, automation has become a routine part of daily operations, and the SOC is no different.

The greater challenge is knowing what to automate, and how to do it right. There are so many opportunities many teams feel a sense of “choice paralysis”—feeling overwhelmed by figuring out where to start and what tools to incorporate, or far more daunting, determining who in the organization has the skillset to develop the automations. 

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