$50M to reinvent security automation

Today, we’re announcing our $50 million Series B funding led by Insight Partners with participation from SentinelOne, GGV Capital, and Bessemer Venture Partners. Together with them, we believe that security teams deserve better. Better ways to collaborate, better ways to work, better ways to keep our lives and livelihoods protected.

The path to better comes by reinventing automation for security teams. Today, automation for security is a world of unfulfilled promises. Security Orchestration, Automation and Response platforms ascended years back to accelerate how teams react and respond to alerts. And teams saw some early success in automating threat response and starting to drive down MTTR.

But since that time, security teams have faced constant pressure to expand their mandate, to move faster, and to deliver protection at the speed of innovation. And peering behind the curtain of SOAR reveals something terrifying. Professional services that cost as much as the platform. Engineering support to build and maintain automated playbooks. Vendor-built integrations and add-ons needed to extend functionality. This adds up to slow, complex systems – built to protect the world of yesterday, not defend from the threats of tomorrow.

So let’s wipe away what automation has meant to security teams, and instead, think about the possibilities of what it could be.

  • Accessible to anyone, across any security team, regardless of technical skill
  • Easily connected to anything, anywhere with the flexibility and resiliency to run in any environment
  • Content-rich, with workflow templates and recommendations that help customers deliver better protection

Sounds good, doesn’t it? We agree. That’s why we built just that: Torq, the no-code security automation platform. A solution that lets any security professional connect to any security (or other) system needed, and easily build automation that helps them deliver better protection. Not just for threat response, not just in the SOC – but for any security process, any security team, anywhere.

To our customers — thank you! We are grateful and humbled by the trust you’ve put in us. The average Torq customer creates 17 automated workflows within the first 30 days with the platform, and grows their usage over 200% each week. Together, we’re not just automating security operations – we’re changing how security operates in any aspect and are building a safer world.

With this new funding, we’re going to keep accelerating that delivery, by continuing to make Torq more accessible, more easily connected, more flexible, and richer in content — so that it becomes the central nervous system of the modern security stack and finally delivers on the dream of turning security operations into automation-driven processes.

This re-invention is just beginning.

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