Day in the Life: Josh Morris, SVP of Global Sales

Josh Morris, our Senior Vice President of Global Sales, joined Torq earlier this year in February. Josh has worked for several industry-leading cybersecurity organizations throughout his career, and most recently served as Group Vice President at Splunk. From hyperautomation to home life, Josh shares how he finds balance in his day. 

What’s your morning routine? 

My alarm goes off bright and early at 5am ET. Ideally, my day starts with weightlifting at the gym. After that, I head home to prepare for calls with our headquarters in Tel Aviv. Even though each day is different, my mornings always consist of meetings. In addition to customer and partner meetings, I have 1-on-1s with my team early in the week. It’s important to me to meet with my team weekly to make sure everyone is excelling professionally. Not to mention, it gives us time to get in our virtual “water cooler talk” as well. 

What happens once you finish your morning meetings? 

A- I usually skip breakfast, so after my first round of meetings I grab a bite to eat. Then, I lock in for another block of meetings. There are a lot of exciting new initiatives in the pipeline. It’s been all hands on deck with our BDR team, our new channel team, and our go-to-market team to bring new innovations to life. 

It’s lunch time! What’s your go-to? 

BBQ is hands-down my favorite meal. A little-known fact about our employees at Torq is that a lot of us are passionate about BBQ. In fact, our Co-Founder and CTO, Leonid Belkind made a Slack channel called “Smoking and Grilling Meats.” If I have leftovers from the night before, I’ll throw them in my Sous Vide at approximately 95 degrees to prevent overcooking. 

What are things you do to give yourself a competitive edge?  

A non-negotiable for me during the week is to block time on my calendar to be what I call a “student of the game.” This time is dedicated to learning and personal development. It could be about learning more about our competition, or bettering myself on leadership, learning, and positive thinking. I also block out time to ensure I’m reaching out or following up with our customers, prospects, and partners to stay connected.

How do you find balance in your life?  

Achieving balance in my life has come with being disciplined with time management. I’m very disciplined with my calendar and efficient with my day, so that I can be present with my family in the evening.

Do you have any productivity hacks or favorite apps for work

Two things that help me with my productivity are note taking and writing to-do lists. I find it very satisfying to cross stuff off on paper, as opposed to keeping a digital checklist. My favorite app is Grammarly. It’ll highlight your mistakes as you go, which I find very helpful.

What are some things you enjoy as a family? 

As a family of six, we’re always on the go. Just like work, every day is different for my family. Last night my daughter had a lacrosse game at 9:40pm, so we were there late supporting her. As a family, we love spending time outdoors together,  we enjoy going boating or fishing. We went fishing before the 4th of July and caught a bunch of porgies. We caught them, fileted them, and threw them on the BBQ. My idea of the perfect meal.