It Takes a Cybervillage: Torq Collaborates With Team8’s Ecosystem at CISO Summit

Torq firmly believes in Team8’s philosophy that it takes a village to address the escalation in critical cyberthreats. This is why Torq is collaborating with Team8’s vast ecosystem of partners to unleash the most advanced hyperautomation solutions possible, which seamlessly integrate across the Team8 community.

We’re excited to showcase Torq Hyperautomation at Team8’s CISO Summit in Tel Aviv during Innovation Day on June 21. It’s an exclusive gathering for C-level leaders to discuss the evolving role of CISOs, the latest trends and technologies, mutual opportunities, common challenges, and pathways to success.

“The Torq team is really looking forward to taking part in Team8’s CISO Summit, which is bringing together an incredible braintrust of global C-level executives to address some of the most pressing and important topics in cybersecurity today,” said Ofer Smadari, CEO and Co-Founder, Torq. “Torq is delivering significant value to Team8’s ecosystem with our Enterprise-Grade Hyperautomation platform, which is automating the most complex security infrastructures at dramatic scale. We look forward to productive dialogs at CISO Summit that drive effective solutions.”

Here’s what founders of Team8 companies are saying about working with Torq:

“The combination of Talon and Torq enables organizations to maintain robust security across their workforce without impacting productivity. Through the power of Talon’s Enterprise Browser and Torq’s Hyperautomation platform, organizations are able to simplify and improve enterprise security in an extremely powerful way. We look forward to continuing to work together to add joint value for customers.” 

– Ofer Ben-Noon, CEO, Talon

“Through our partnership with Torq, Dig Security customers can quickly automate full remediations through a single hyperautomation system to improve overall data security posture, and stop data exfiltration in real time.”

– Dan Benjamin, CEO and Co-Founder & CEO, Dig Security

“Torq and Gem share a mutual vision of transforming cloud security operations. Together, we give customers the tools they need to better automate cloud detection and response, enabling seamless workflows to stop threats faster.”

– Arie Zilberstein, CEO, Gem

“Our integration with Torq allows our mutual customers to benefit from a fully-automated lifecycle on remediating supply chain security findings. It works across multiple organizational units and drives them with human-in-the-loop resolution. Now customers experience faster responses, cutting a lot of time from MTTR and keeping the operation more efficient and secure.”

– Neatsun Ziv, CEO and Co-Founder, OX Security

“IONIX’s remediation Action Items, together with Torq’s flexible hyperautomation workflows, align remediation tasks with the way that security operations actually work. Now, customers can spend less time on routing tickets manually and further reduce their MTTM (Mean Time To Mitigate) exposure across their attack surface.”

– Marc Gaffan, CEO, IONIX

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