Torq Users Hit 1,000,000+ Daily Security Automations

Security automation is an increasingly critical element in optimizing enterprise cybersecurity postures. Today, Torq announced its users are executing more than 1,000,000 daily security automations using our security automation platform – a major milestone that underlines the traction and importance of unifying today’s complex security stacks. The exponentially-expanding usage of Torq also reflects the current macroeconomic climate, in which security leaders are being asked to maximize the value of their existing security infrastructure, as well as ensure staff are focused on higher-level management and critical incident response.

Torq’s modern security automation approach is helping security teams address these priorities, allowing teams of any size to quickly create, deploy, and iterate on automated responses to otherwise-unpredictable events.

Introducing Torq Insights

A key element of the Torq platform is our latest innovation: Torq Insights. It’s a comprehensive reporting and analytics overlay that provides the operational data needed to consistently manage, monitor, and iteratively evolve the security automation stack, to ensure it’s providing maximum protection while driving optimal efficiency.

From Automated Processes to Automation Programs

First-generation SOARs were introduced to the market as a way to add repeatability and predictability to security operations. While powerful, these platforms are difficult to deploy and generally designed only for a few threat response use cases. The need for more effective security automation remained.

Recognizing the gap between SOAR platforms and the need for more universal security automation, solution providers have begun to offer limited automation functionality within their platforms. The result is still piecemeal automation, only exacerbated by disparate approaches and processes. 

While there may be more automation than ever, Torq believes quality and efficiency has suffered. To truly realize the benefits of security automation, Torq closes these gaps by consolidating automation efforts, lowering the technical barriers to automated workflows, and now providing the analytical feedback necessary to truly optimize security automation. As a result, our users are benefiting from:

  • Increased predictability of security responses
  • Maximum benefits from the tools they’ve already invested in
  • A clear set of data that helps teams improve overall security efficiency
  • A solution powerful enough for the most complex threat responses, yet easy enough to deploy that it can be used for the smallest of repetitive security tasks

“Torq Insights shows me how actively my team is using the platform to improve our overall security posture and makes everyone’s lives easier and more productive,” said Phillip Tarrant, SOC Technical Manager, Compuquip. “It allows me to see my teammates’ progress with Torq by showing the value they’re getting out of it. The ‘total runs’ analytics capability is huge. It’s amazing to see that Torq is handling 80.8K runs a week for Compuquip without a single hiccup.”

A New Standard for Automation Management

Torq Insights is available to all Torq users. Current users can now simply click on “Insights” above the Workflows page in the app. With Torq Insights, users can instantly find data like total time saved by automated workflows, how many workflows are in production at a given time, and the most active workflows, among other information.


Security automation analytics with Torq Insights

Users will soon be able to assess their automation programs against common security frameworks, compare performance and effectiveness of internal use cases, and align to industry best practices, all while integrating with wider business intelligence reporting.

Get Access to Advanced Automation Insights Today

Existing Torq users can use the new dashboard right away. 

If you haven’t had a chance to see the platform in action, get in touch for a free trial account and put Torq to work for your team.