of orgs agree SOAR is too complex,
costly, and time-consuming

2022 ESG Report

What Makes Torq HyperautomationTM Unique

10X Faster Than
Legacy SOAR

Create and deploy complex, sophisticated workflows in minutes

Enterprise Architecture

Cloud-native, multi-tenant, zero-trust architecture that scales with your needs

Connect to Everything

Hyperautomate every app, every stack, across cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments

No-Code or Your Code

Go beyond APIs, with support for any CLI, platform, and programming or scripting language

The State of Security Hyperautomation eBook

Learn why Gartner says organizations that adopt hyperautomation will lower their operational costs by 30%

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"We now query 2,000+ assets in under 7 minutes with Torq, which previously took over an hour to run, one at a time. This reflects an 800% improvement in execution time."
Taylor Harwerth
Cloud Security Architect, Abnormal Security

Integrate Anything. Automate Everything.

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“Torq has transformed our IT security posture for the better, by introducing an easy-to-implement, high-velocity security automation platform capable of handling the ever-increasing workflows our complex environment requires.”
Miroslav Sklansky
Senior Director, Global Head of Information Security Technology, EPAM Systems

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With Torq, any security professional of any skill level can easily connect multiple tools into an automated workflow that can be run as needed — triggered from an alert, or according to schedule. Get started automating today! Zero coding or API knowledge required.

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