Automate Non-Human Identity Security and Management with Torq and Astrix

Organizations’ zero-trust policies and identity-centric programs ensure that user identities and login credentials are vigorously protected with IAM policies and security tools like MFA or IP restrictions. However, the situation is very different regarding non-human identities (NHI) like API keys, OAuth apps, service accounts, and secrets. Lack of visibility, monitoring, and governance of this permissive access is everywhere, and attackers have figured it out. 

Using Astrix Security, security teams can finally close this huge identity security gap, and now—it gets even easier. Astrix Security has teamed up with Torq to make inventorying, securing, and remediating NHI risks a seamless part of your SOC automation.

Integrating Torq and Astrix allows security teams to identify and respond automatically to anomalous behavior and over-permissioned, unused, or unrotated non-human identities – using automated workflows. This enables customers to avoid the need for multiple silos and instead easily operationalize Astrix through their existing Torq deployment.

Let’s walk through an example of how Torq and Astrix make it easy to close the gap.

Automated Response and Remediation

For the first time, Astrix Security applies behavioral analysis traditionally only seen for human identities to the non-human identity space. Through this behavioral analysis, customers can detect anomalous activity in real-time.

Customers of Torq and Astrix can then automatically respond through remediation playbooks based on preset logic with Torq. This allows for instantaneous action and immediate threat response without investigating across multiple toolsets.

Posture Management and Risky Integrations

Unused permissions, risky connections, and unrotated tokens needlessly increase your attack surface. 

Using Astrix, customers can identify unused, over-permissive, and malicious NHI access. These risk parameters and timeframes for non-use are fully customizable. These rule sets are then turned into playbooks and run through Torq to automate removing unused or risky access and unrotated tokens that do not meet the specified posture.

Astrix identifies only the highest-risk connections in your environment and feeds them into Torq for continuous attack surface reduction.

Enhanced Change Management

Astrix and Torq collaborate seamlessly to enhance the change management process within an organization by automating the data flow and remediation tasks for non-human identities. 

The integration begins with Astrix detecting a high-risk NHI event, which feeds it into Torq. A ticket in workflow management systems like Jira or ServiceNow is created as part of a controlled change management process, facilitating delegating remediation tasks. With its intelligent automation capabilities, Torq triggers specific playbooks that respond to the identified changes, such as decommissioning NHIs. This integration ensures that the change management process is efficient and minimizes manual intervention, allowing for swift and accurate updates across the system and reducing the potential for errors.

Integrating Torq and Astrix transforms the way security teams handle non-human identities. By automating the detection and response to unusual activities and poorly managed permissions, this partnership simplifies complex processes and eliminates the overwhelm felt by security teams. Embrace the future of security hyperautomation with Torq and Astrix, and experience a smarter, more integrated approach to protecting your digital assets.

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