How to Simplify AWS Automations with Torq

One thing we’ve consistently heard from our customers is that using legacy SOAR solutions to build AWS automations and workflows is complex and painfully slow.

Why? Because legacy SOAR solutions typically use Python to do anything, and to make Python work for you, you have to be an expert in it. Python is often complex and requires writing scripts to execute most commands. And, often times, Python scripts create a single point of failure, where the person who wrote the scripts is the only one in an organization that knows them – if that person leaves, the scripts leave with them.

Torq, however, integrates with AWS CLI, which eliminates the Python problem by allowing you to run AWS CLI commands directly from the Torq Hyperautomation platform. This saves you time and effort when automating in the cloud and lets you do more.

Torq is the only hyperautomation solution that offers integrated AWS CLI functionality. Other platforms force you to learn the API for AWS for every single workflow or automation. With Torq for AWS CLI, you don’t have to learn API calls – it cuts out APIs altogether. 

With AWS CLI, you can run any type of command you want in Torq – you don’t have to write the hundreds of steps you’d typically have to with Python Boto3 scripts. It simplifies your scripts into a concise workflow, making it easier to troubleshoot, build, and reuse automations. 

For example, if you wanted to produce a list of all of your active S3 buckets, all you have to do is find the command in AWS CLI documentation, type it into the AWS CLI in Torq, and it’ll return that list. It’s a super flexible way to run commands.

Torq with AWS CLI also lets you test workflows while you’re building them, which is a much less complex alternative to writing intricate Python scripts. And you can unlock the true power of Torq’s limitless integrations with solutions like Slack, Snyk, Wiz, and Orca Security, when you tie them together and build workflows that interact with AWS using the CLI command. 

And with the addition of Torq’s AI completions functionality in the AWS CLI command tool, your job just got even easier. You can use native language to find commands, saving the time you’d have spent digging into documentation to find the correct commands. Now, you can find and run AWS CLI commands without ever leaving the Torq platform. 

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