Our Opportunity is Your Opportunity

Organizations using SOAR platforms today typically find their cost of ownership to be near-prohibitive, and they often rely on dedicated developers and professional services to ensure their security operations keeps up with the needs of the business. At Torq, we know security professionals shouldn’t have to moonlight as developers, or overpay to run their security operations.

There’s a huge opportunity around improving the ease-of-use, flexibility, and level of security in today’s automation platforms, and it’s our team and our culture that ensure that we can keep innovating to support the opportunity as it evolves.


Inclusivity & Community

Each day, the team at Torq commits to building an inclusive and welcoming environment. We are all mindful about making our colleagues and peers feel connected and encouraged, and strive to bring an authentic sense of teamwork to every aspect of each day. The foundation of our culture is built on embracing new points of view, skill sets, and backgrounds. This dedication to inclusivity pays off in dividends, as a happy team equals self-driven individuals who make important contributions to our innovative product.

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