The Hype is Real

Most organizations agree, Legacy SOAR is overly complex, expensive, and time-consuming. So, what’s the solution? Gartner has identified Hyperautomation as a leading emerging technology and trend in cybersecurity for 2024. But WTF is Security Hyperautomation? In this Virtual Q&A, we will answer all your Hyperautomation questions, and leave you with an understanding of:

  • Where Legacy SOAR solutions failed the security industry, paving the way for Hyperautomation to take the reins
  • How Hyperautomation applied to security’s most common use cases eliminates alert fatigue and mitigates security’s talent shortage problem
  • Why leading security companies like Abnormal, SentinelOne, Checkpoint, and Deepwatch are leveraging Hyperautomation – earning Torq the title “Your security product’s favorite security product”

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Brittney Zec

Community Manager

Bob Boyle

Product Marketing Manager

"I don’t have the luxury of hiring an army of people – so leveraging solutions like Torq enabled me to grow and scale the business and keep up with where we’re going as a company."
Mike Britton
Abnormal Security CISO