The Future for Managed Detection and Response

of all Tier-1 case analysis tasks performed by an autonomous AI agent
faster onboarding and provisioning of new customer environments
more events handled without adding more headcount

Increase Your Margin

Automate more components in your alert investigation, analysis, and response, and handle security events more efficiently with less human involvement.

Onboard Customers Faster

Automate customer onboarding and ramp-up, share workflows and use cases across customers, and automate in multiple environments.

Integrate Anything

Integrate with every tool within your customers’ security stack to increase business value and widen total addressable market.

Provide more value to customers to increase stickiness and reduce churn. Increase SLA attainment.

Streamline your security operations and reduce costs by consolidating tooling and effortlessly integrating disparate tools managed by different teams for increased efficiency.

Automated workflow management across your entire customer base,with the added flexibility of fine-tuned customization.

Future-Proofing the MDR With Hyperautomation

Read our guide and learn how hyperautomation empowers MDR providers to increase margin, boost customer service, and improve security for their customers.

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No-Code, Low-Code, and Full-Code Support

Automate more detection and response processes, driving efficiency and improving margin.

Automate More Processes

Build, deploy and manage more automated processes, growing your services and helping you scale faster.

Accelerate Case Management With AI

Handle more security events for more customers with less manual effort and the same amount of analysts, while improving service quality.

Scalable, Resilient Infrastructure

Eliminate the time and resources spent building and hosting you own infrastructure for your customers – Torq handles that.

“With Torq Hyperautomation, we are significantly increasing productivity and efficiency, ensuring that our customers gain better evidence, analysis, and control over their cybersecurity, while staying protected from external threats and operational risks.”
Charlie Thomas
CEO, Deepwatch

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