Remediating Security Alerts in a Hybrid SaaS/On-Prem World

Improve time to remediation and make security investigations across your security and IT stack more efficient with automation that can quickly show its value without requiring complex integrations.

Workflow Remediating Security Alerts in a Hybrid SaaS/On-Prem World

TLDR: Remediating Security Alerts (Cloud/SaaS/On-Prem)

  • A defense-in-depth approach to security is required to decrease risk to the organization and protect the new perimeter, and organizations typically deploy multiple security solutions to accomplish this task
  • These solutions provide a first line of defense to the organizations, leaving Security Operations teams with a large number of events, incidents and tasks to respond to
  • It’s beneficial to automate investigation and response of these alerts, and allow users to self-resolve some security actions

What is Security Alert Remediation Automation?

Enterprises traditionally had a delineated perimeter where security alerts were mainly triggered either inside or outside the Organization’s firewall or at the Endpoint.

Modern enterprises using Cloud and SaaS technologies and the rapid COVID-driven adoption of the work-from-anywhere model have created micro perimeters that are outside of the traditional control and visibility of security teams.

Enterprises are quickly adopting technologies like XDR, CASB, SASE, Cloud Firewalls, and DLP, which when combined can quickly create an overwhelming and disjointed number of alerts for security teams making containment or threat investigation efforts very challenging and inefficient.

Such organizations have implemented solutions like SIEM to consolidate the event feeds and a few have implemented SOAR; however, they have typically found it difficult to efficiently add or maintain remediation playbooks.

Benefits of Automating the Response of Security Events with Torq

  • Improve time to response and remediation by creating automated workflows that are:
    • As simple as investigating/enriching an event, blocking an IP address or adding an IOC on a cloud firewall
    • As complex as creating an interactive playbook that can help remediate a DLP incident on a SaaS platform while educating the user via dynamic interactions using the company’s communication tools
  • Reduce the burden on operations teams to react to a large number of alerts, and enable users with the power to self remediate issues like access to blocked sites or a valid DLP exclusion without having to trigger an incident ticket

Start Automating in Minutes

With Torq, any security professional of any skill level can easily connect multiple tools into an automated workflow that can be run as needed — triggered from an alert, or according to a schedule. Get started automating today! Zero coding or API knowledge required.