Real SOAR user reviews

“Setting up new automation and custom playbooks can be quite the task. Requires a lot of work with support to get things working how you would like them.”

“It is not really cloud ready, or at least it wasn't when we purchased and set it up.”

“Without a strong team to manage this solution, you will not be able to get the most benefit possible.”

The interface, the search capabilities, case management is poor, and above all reporting is quite underwhelming at this level.

The Five Biggest Problems With SOAR

Legacy SOAR solutions emerged in an era with traditional on-premises networks, relatively static attack surfaces, and fewer multi-faceted attack strategies. Organizations that rely on legacy SOAR solutions struggle with sprawling security stacks and SOC team burnout at a time when cybersecurity talent is in short supply.

Hyperautomation is the Solution

Here are just some of the key benefits of hyperautomation,
and why it’s killing SOAR.

Faster ROI than legacy SOAR
Reduction in time-to-block malicious traffic, compared to SOAR
Improvement in execution time over SOAR
Faster customer onboarding for MDR and MSSPs than legacy SOAR

SOAR is Dead: A Manifesto

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