8 Key Benefits of Using Hyperautomation

SOAR was never built for hybrid cloud adoption at enterprise scale. SOAR’s complexity, critical operational holes, and technical limitation, make the fatal flaw sinking your organization’s ship. If you’re still using outdated Legacy SOAR, it’s time to make the switch TODAY. 

Here are the 8 key benefits of using hyperautomation

1. Simplicity

You don’t need to be a developer or experienced security professional to create powerful workflows in minutes with never-seen-before efficiency. The solution is powerful enough for the most complex threat responses, yet easy enough to deploy with a drag-and-drop interface. Unlike legacy SOAR solutions, multiple teams can eliminate repetitive security tasks with automations that can be created in minutes.

2. Extensibility

With Hyperautomation, you can empower your organization beyond security by connecting to collaboration, communication, infrastructure applications, and more. Whether it’s on-prem on in the cloud, Torq provides near-limitless connectivity to any system in your stack.

3. Enterprise-Grade Architecture

Torq is cloud-native, built on secure, zero-trust architecture, with elastic, horizontal scalability with flexible SLAs. It provides enterprise-grade immutable activity and audit logs to meet the most stringent compliance requirements, as well as granular scope, and role-based access control

4. Real ROI, Productivity, and Cost Savings

From day one, organizations can measure Torq’s cost savings by maximizing team productivity and process effectiveness with the Torq Insights dashboard. It granularly measures time savings and operational efficiency for total visibility into the hyperautomation platform’s impact. With Torq Hyperautomation, you’ll receive 10X+ operational and productivity boost just weeks after deployment.

5. Intelligent Case Management with Automated Contextual Resolution

Torq transforms large numbers of security events and signals into contextually-enriched cases, ordered by severity, priority, and field of ownership. It then orchestrates the analysis and remediation of security cases by centrally tracking all relevant activities and decisions, accelerating the detection, analysis, and response of security issues, freeing up significant analyst time to focus on strategic activities.

6. No Costly Professional Services

All Torq customers benefit from dedicated technical experts that help organizations achieve their automation goals at no extra cost. Say goodbye to surprise consulting bills that cost more than the automation solution.

7. Connect Every App and Stack

You never need to punch holes in your firewall for VPN services or reverse proxies. Torq uses zero-trust containerized agents to make outbound-only connections for on-premise connectivity.

8. Integrate Anything. Automate Everything.

Gain vast flexibility to expand use cases with capabilities such as SSH, PowerShell, SQL, Python, BASH, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, Azure CLI, or other scripting or programming languages. Run multiple scripting languages concurrently within automation workflows.

The Writing’s On The Wall…SOAR is Dead

Simply put, your SOAR is hindering your organization. Hyperautomation equips your organization for the demands of modern cybersecurity

We’re just getting started… The SOAR is Dead Manifesto has the details on exactly why SOAR has been put to rest.