IAM Legend: How Torq is Reinventing Identity and Access Management

IAM is a critical foundation of modern enterprise IT infrastructures and governance. It’s one of the ways security professionals deliver value to their entire company, customer, and partner ecosystem. It’s also what drives the effective management of organizational roles, assets, and the connections between them. 

The product team at Torq is focused on changing the IAM game and leveling up our customers’ capabilities.

5 ways Torq is Reinventing IAM: 

  1.  Automating the approval cycle of user access to assets

When a new user joins an organization or an existing user moves to a different role, IAM systems must be adjusted to provide access to newly-required applications and assets and to remove access permissions from previously (but no longer) required ones. Automating the process of reaching out to resource owners and obtaining their permissions can turn the complicated process into a streamlined one with very little organizational investment.

  1. Improving security posture with Just-in-Time (JIT) access

Automatically allow users to have just-in-time access to add software to their devices without the need for an IT professional to assign, using a chatbot or web UI.

  1. Allow a user to self-service using chatbots for managing user/device compliance

Providing scalable interactive automations that can reach out to users on behalf of the organization, guiding them through achieving compliance, reminding them to complete the operations and providing them convenient ways of managing exceptions. For example users can use this for a password reset; unlock their account if accidentally locked out; or register a new 2 factor authentication device

  1. Democratize handling suspicious behavior events

While many IAM (or dedicated IAM-security tools) can raise events that potentially indicate malicious activity, these mechanisms face challenges such as credentials, different devices in different locations, and authentication failures. Enterprise-grade security automation can help organizations “sift through the noise” by democratizing the investigation of the events. Automatically reach out to users via an external channel, like instant messaging, SMS, or voice, and asking them to confirm whether they have performed the operation or not. Very little overhead on the user can serve as a rapid filter for legitimate operations vs. malicious activity indicators.

  1. Discover and reduce inactive access permissions

In any organizational IAM (especially in larger organizations) there is an inherent challenge with ensuring that access permissions do not become stale. Torq will periodically access logs to automatically disable contractor and/or employee accounts that have been inactive for a certain period of time. 

Using enterprise-grade hyperautomation makes IAM processes cost less and scalable, ensuring that an IAM policy has a strong posture at any given moment.

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