Team Spotlight: Leen Neuman

The #LifeatTorq Team Spotlight is a Q&A series dedicated to the talented and generally kick-ass team that form the foundation of our growing company. 

Today we are spotlighting Leen Neuman,  a Front End Engineer at Torq, based in our Tel Aviv office.


Tell us a bit about your career path before Torq. 

Leen: A couple of years after I started studying computer science I began working as a QA tester at a small startup company. Later I transitioned to a Front end engineer and have been developing my FE skills since.

Why did you come to work at Torq? What makes you excited about working here?

Leen: First and foremost: The people! The people at Torq are some of the most interesting, smart and nice people I’ve ever met. I also loved Torq’s approach to recruiting. They see each candidate as a person first, focusing on skills, character and abilities rather than a dry list of conditions.

What’s the coolest thing you and your team are working on at Torq? ‍‍

Leen: As a Frontend engineer, I’m part of the team that’s responsible for the way clients see and interact with our platform, which I’m super excited about. But, our tasks are far from just simple design tasks — we are given a lot of creative liberty around how we implement the features we’re working on, which often requires us to write more complex solutions.

What advice can you offer to someone looking to take on a role like yours?

Leen: I recommend spending as much time as possible on personal projects, experimenting with different technologies and challenging yourself past your comfort zone. There are so many popular libraries and frameworks to get to know out there. Expanding your skills and knowledge is crucial for any software developer.

How do you think we can make more women become software developers? 

As a volunteer at SheCodes, an Israeli organization dedicated to raising the percentage of women in tech positions  — I deal with this question on a regular basis. In my experience, it’s a combination of 3 major factors: education, opportunities and work environment. 

If women are taught that sciences are a valid field of interest, are offered equal career opportunities and are met by a welcoming work environment, they can easily thrive as developers. I encourage everyone to explore their field of interest regardless of their gender!

Ok, now for the fun part! Tell us a little about yourself. When you log on in the morning, what do you do first?

Leen: Make a strong cup of coffee, check in with my teammates and sync with my tasks for the day.

What helps you focus?

Leen: I make sure to take periodic breaks during the day to walk around a bit, do some mundane tasks and socialize with my co-workers. I feel that stepping away from my work often helps me to get a new perspective, my best solutions come to me while away from the computer.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

Leen: I’m a very active person and I enjoy a variety of activities — I ride horses, practice archery, lift weights and hike. I also love traveling, seeing new places and LARPing.

As a member of the Coffee Lovers group at Torq: How do you drink your coffee?

Leen: I drink my coffee black and prefer a longer serve, like Lungo or Americano.

How do you spend your weekends?

Leen: During the weekend I spend time with my family and friends, travel and relax. I do all my cooking during the weekend, which is another hobby of mine.

What’s the last great series you watched?

Leen: Sweet Tooth. I love fantasy, post-apocalypse and science fiction genres, and I think it has a little bit of all.


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