Torq Hyperautomation: The Most Talked About Product at RSAC

When you say, “SOAR is Dead,” you’ll get some attention, and that’s exactly what happened at RSAC 2023. 

But it wasn’t just a statement that created the buzz. 

It was the solution that we unveiled that got people talking. The debut of Torq Hyperautomation™ created an enormous buzz across RSAC 2023 – on the show floor, in the media, and even on the street. Why? Because cybersecurity professionals are tired of the complexity associated with legacy SOAR platforms. They want something easier to use that doesn’t take up all their time or require costly professional services. We get it. That’s why our booth was packed with attendees wanting to demo the world’s first no-code, low-code, and full-code security automation platform with true enterprise scalability. It’s the same reason why CRN called Torq Hyperautomationone of the coolest products at RSAC” and “the most important product announcement” by CSO Online. 

Torq Hyperautomation addresses the challenges that SOAR platforms have only made worse. 

According to the customers and partners we spoke with at RSAC, these are the most common problems facing cybersecurity professionals:

Trouble Retaining Security Talent 

One of the most common themes we heard echoed was the trouble retaining security talent. Specifically sourcing and hiring security professionals. We sat down with our partner, Recorded Future, who posed the question, “What if we took intelligence that’s not only human readable, but machine-readable, and then a powerful automation engine, so that instead of having your analysts waste time and look up indicators, and wasting time researching the simple, being things, what if we help them automate that?” By automating mundane tasks, cybersecurity professionals can focus on the aspects they are most passionate about in their careers

Too Many Tools

Another concern we heard from customers was the overwhelming amount of tools they are being forced to manage. Consolidation was a word we kept hearing as cybersecurity professionals are challenged to keep up with the overwhelming amount of tools and applications they interact with daily. Our partner SentinelOne noted, “The threat landscape hasn’t changed, but budgets definitely have. CISOs and CFOs will be more deliberate on the tools they choose. I think what’s so special about Torq is it not only speaks to something that makes you secure, but also helps you save money as well, and that’s going to speak to the heart of the CFO who is more and more influential in terms of that security buying decision.” That’s why it’s mission-critical for organizations to simplify and integrate tools to prevent coverage gaps. 

Multi-Cloud Complexity

Did you know that 76% of organizations operate in multi-cloud environments? We heard lots of discussion about the challenge of the complexity of multi-cloud environments. Our partner Dig, said, “I think Torq and Dig have both identified that the scale of the cloud requires a different level of automation.” With the adoption of multiple cloud services from different providers, it is challenging for cybersecurity teams to manage and monitor security risks effectively. Hyperautomation can help to streamline the process by automating the detection, analysis, and response to potential security threats.

Torq Hyperautomation is here to change the game. Here’s what the media had to say about Torq Hyperautomation:

“One of the most interesting products to see at RSAC 2023.”

“Top-10 cool new cybersecurity tool announced at RSAC 2023.”

“One of the most important new product announcements at RSAC 2023.”

“Automates whole workflows and processes for all security initiatives within an organization.”
Analytics Insight

“Torq empowers people to take greater responsibility for security while enabling them to participate in threat remediation.”

“Capable of automating the most complex security infrastructures.”

“Torq Hyperautomation is distinguished from legacy SOAR, making it simpler to use a range of tools to create new processes.”
Security Boulevard

“Innovative GPT AI-based analytics.”

“A quantum leap forward for security automation.”

Want to learn more about how to streamline your security workflows and stay ahead of emerging threats? Test drive Torq Hyperautomation, here: