Jason Chan on Harnessing Security Automation to Manage Cyberthreat Complexity

Torq is extremely proud to have Jason Chan on our advisory board. Jason has more than 20 years of experience working in cybersecurity. He’s one of the world’s leading experts in adopting security automation, cloud security, and enhancing security in modern software development practices.

Jason’s most recent career experience was leading the information security organization at Netflix for more than a decade. His Netflix team set the bar extraordinarily high, focusing on cutting edge risk assessment and management, and compliance management strategies and approaches. 

I had the privilege of being able to have a discussion with Jason, exploring the positive impacts security automation is having on organizations of all sizes, worldwide. In the first part of our conversation, “Harnessing Security Automation to Manage the Complexity of Today’s Threat Landscape,” Jason discusses the fact that while cyberthreats are increasing exponentially, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to hire people to address this escalation. As Jason puts it, “The question is how do we get the most out of the resources we have and prioritize the issues we need to address most critically?”

Watch the first part of our conversation in video below and learn all about Jason’s perspective on how security automation addresses these challenges by maximizing the impact of the security systems, processes, and people organizations already have in place, and breaking down security silos:


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