The Best of Growth Worlds: Natasha Fulbright Joins Torq as VP of Growth

We’re thrilled to announce the appointment of Natasha Fulbright as our VP of Growth. Natasha’s served as Corporate VP of Marketing at Pax8, and will be responsible for driving growth marketing and building our go-to-market engine. Get to know Natasha, below:

Tell us about how you plan to elevate growth at Torq in 2023? 

Prior to my joining, the team had built a really strong sales and marketing teck stack foundation, and my objective is to put fuel on those tools enabling them to work together creating striking integrated campaigns to generate demand and also build customer community programs. Our product is incredibly powerful, and now it’s all about elevating and getting the message out there to the right people to accelerate our growth. We really are taking away mundane and repetitive tasks from IT and Security teams, so that they can concentrate on strategic initiatives, what’s not to love about that. I think we have so much untapped potential and I’m joining at a time where I feel I can make an impact to the business. 

Tell us a little bit about your career path before Torq

My career has always been in B2B Marketing and the environment has ever-changed. In my previous role I served as the Corporate VP of Marketing at Pax8, where the company saw 60% revenue growth, yearly during my 5-year tenure. When I left Pax8, we had achieved a $1B run-rate. Over the course of my tenure we went from being a startup to a mid-sized company. I loved being an integral part of their growth, which is now what I want to do here for Torq. I thrive on being given the opportunity to build and grow teams. 

What makes you excited about working at Torq? 

The limitless possibilities for Torq’s success. The whole team carries this energy and enthusiasm which is addictive. We’ve even had customers tell us that Torq is addictive, and I think it resonates through everything the team does. The possibilities are endless, we see that in how our customers react when they see a demo, and our high adoption rate. We’re excited to be pioneering a new way forward for enterprise-grade security automation. Don Jeter (Torq CMO) and I have worked closely together for five years – we’re a marketing duo. I’m excited to support him and the entire Torq team in building the go-to-market strategy here. I feel honored to work and learn alongside the experienced sales leadership that also recently joined. 

What’s the best piece of advice you were ever given? 

Eleven years ago I had a mentor that I told I was very interested in moving overseas from the EMEA office in London to the Global HQ of the company in Denver, and he replied, “Have you told anyone you want to work at the Global HQ?” I sheepishly replied, “no,” and he replied, “do you think you should?” and I sheepishly replied, “yes.” So, I made a phone call, and my colleague declared I’d made their day. Within three months I was on a plane moving from London to Denver, Colorado. Lesson learned, ask for what you want. It was simple advice, but it changed my life. 

What are your hobbies outside of work? 

I ski (a lot) in the winter, and road bike (a little) in the summer. I also love to travel. My favorite place I’ve ever been to is Vietnam, it’s beautiful and the culture is enchanting. I’ve been twice, and I really want to go back again.