Why Torq’s Momentum Mirrors the Exponential Adoption of No-Code Security Automation

In just three quarters since Torq was officially launched, our visionary team has delivered a 385% increase in customers, resulting in 360% quarter-over-quarter growth. We’ve also boosted our headcount by 150% and now have more than 100 technology integration partners, including Armis, Orca, SentinelOne, and Wiz. In addition, we recently opened new offices in the UK, Spain, and Taiwan

Our no-code security automation innovations are paying dramatic dividends for our ever-increasing customer base. We serve organizations of all sizes as they face incredibly challenging, complex, and dramatically-escalating cyberthreats. We’re mitigating those threats at every conceivable incursion point, and emancipating overworked security teams from manual, reactive processes, so they can focus on remediation and response.

I take Torq’s dedication to providing our customers the highest level of protection very personally. I began my career as a technologist and software engineer, then shifted into the world of cybersecurity, and then became an entrepreneur when I co-founded Luminate in 2017 and Torq in 2021. I was inspired by seeing how many earlier industries were revolutionized by automation

Back when I began my career as a software engineer, all my software testing was done manually. We had QA engineers repeating the same testing procedures over and over on each and every build of my product to verify it worked correctly. That era is long gone. Today’s modern software development processes benefit from automated QA on multiple levels. Manual testing is exclusively the domain of the most complex and creative tasks, if it’s done at all.

The Security Operations world is now increasingly harnessing the value of automation. Previously, the industry was based on simply delivering “alerts” about potential malicious activity and “reports” on vulnerabilities or misconfigurations, all of which had to be reviewed and dealt with manually. Virtually everyone understands this model is archaic and creates more problems than it solves. 

Both of Torq’s production environments, which include running in the cloud, and our often SaaS-based business line applications, are rapidly evolving. It’s simply not scalable to conduct manual security operations across these complex scenarios. It’s why organizations of all types and sizes are harnessing the potential of automation to ensure continuous compliance and the strongest security posture possible. 

This change is akin to an industrial revolution for cybersecurity and it’s why Torq is experiencing such significant adoption. We’re working with organizations from Fortune 10 goliaths to high-velocity startups and solving major cybersecurity challenges for all of them. They’re all dealing with similar issues as they strive to protect myriad assets from the tens or hundreds of thousands of security events they face daily. Without automation, there simply isn’t a way to effectively mitigate the situation.

I couldn’t be more pleased to see the positive benefits our customers are experiencing. And I couldn’t be more proud of the Torq team that’s so dedicated to pushing the technological envelope. They’re constantly delivering new innovations to make the customer experience as simple, yet powerful and comprehensive as it can be.

We’ve only just begun the Torq journey. I can’t wait to show you everything that’s coming up in the near- and long-term. Our customers and employees represent a true community. It’s our pleasure and privilege to play such an important role in protecting today’s digital-first organizations.