Torq for MDR: Increase Margin and Onboard Customers Faster

Managed detection and response providers (MDRs) are at an inflection point. They previously relied on legacy SOAR to secure their customers. But SOAR solutions struggle to keep up with the evolving and maturing threat landscape, and were not designed to scale into cloud environments.

As a way to break free from SOAR’s shortcomings, MDRs are turning to hyperautomation.

Torq gives MDRs:

  • Increased margin: Automate more components in your alert investigation, analysis, and response, and handle security events more efficiently with less human involvement.
  • Faster customer onboarding: Automate customer onboarding and ramp-up, share workflows and use cases across customers, and automate in multiple environments.
  • Limitless integrations: Integrate with every tool within your customers’ security stacks to increase business value and widen total addressable market.

Torq for MDR is a significant evolution from legacy SOAR, and gives managed detection and response providers the ability to perform up to 90% of Tier-1 case analysis tasks with an autonomous agent; 10 times faster onboarding and provisioning of new customer environments, and the ability to handle 5 times more security events without adding headcount.

Regarded analyst firms IDC and GigaOm have both noted that hyperautomation is leading the shift away from legacy SOAR solutions and signaling the future of security automation. And one of the country’s largest MDRs, Deepwatch, recently announced it has standardized on Torq Hyperautomation. Ten other MDRs, such as SentinelOne Vigilance and Compuquip, have also joined the Torq for MDR program.

“With Torq Hyperautomation, we are significantly increasing productivity and efficiency, ensuring that our customers gain better evidence, analysis, and control over their cybersecurity, while staying protected from external threats and operational risks,” said Charlie Thomas, CEO, Deepwatch.

Torq Hyperautomation empowers MDRs to provide more value to customers to increase stickiness and reduce churn, while increasing SLA attainment. It also streamlines security operations and reduces costs by consolidating tooling and effortlessly integrating disparate tools managed by different teams for increased efficiency. At the same time, Torq Hyperautomation automates workflow management across an MDRs’ entire customer base, with the added flexibility of fine-tuned customization.

Torq also gives MDRs no-code, low-code, and full-code support; the ability to automate more processes; accelerated case management with AI; and a scalable, resilient infrastructure, all of which help MDRs improve efficiency and increase margin, while saving costs and scaling service offerings.

Hyperautomation is the future for MDRs.

Learn more about Torq for MDR. And download our guide, “Future-Proofing the MDR With Hyperautomation.”